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Thinh Vuong Media & Solutions Co., Ltd. (Thinh Vuong Media) is one of the best unit providing telecom services, content services and communications for Network Operators in Vietnam. Thinh Vuong Media is a team of passionate people having abundant energy,

TVM-SMS System

TVM-SMS system is an indispensable software to school/university managers. With updating Cheap inexpensive resume writing services studentsa�� information through the functions of TVM-SMS system which was developed by TV Media, studentsa�� parent can receive information, announcements or notices from teachers

Why TVM – SMS for schools

januvia is developing in india Cheap To notify Parents and Guardians about most affordable number one professional expert resume prepar school closure due to bad weather. To reduce costs (notably telephone bills) pills online Free up your valuable time and

SMS for Education a�� Use Cases

SMS for Education a�� Use Cases

synthroid no script The Smarter Communications Solution SMS messaging helps schools of all sizes improve attendance, operational efficiency, and student satisfaction You see it all the time. In classesa��in the cafeteriaa��and everywhere in between, students are constantly on their phones

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What our Client says

That's a great system. I think this system is very necessary for schools.

Mr. Scofield CEO

I'm using the system and found it great. I believe this system will be widely available and bring convenience to everyone

Mr. Jang Moa Manager

Recent Work

Schools that are embracing the power of SMS are reporting positive results. For truancy alerts, SMS is particularly effective because, as a communication tool, text messaging is personal, immediate and features a high ‘open rate’.