Schools that are embracing the power of SMS are reporting positive results. For truancy alerts, SMS is particularly effective because, as a communication tool, text messaging is personal, immediate and features a high a�?open ratea��.

SMS can achieve terrific results for our educational system. While social media is the way of the future, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., SMS has a far greater reach and, as a two-way communication channel, enables conversation (see diagram below).

There are some great examples of how schools are using SMS for real-time communication beyond the obvious examples discussed previously. It was reported byA� canadian pharmacy discount drugs price aceon in December 2012 that a primary school girl brought a World War II hand grenade to school for show and tell! The school has 450 students but many were yet to arrive for school when the alarm was raised. Police said the school activated its SMS system to alert parents about the situation, advising them to keep their children home.

Or consider the preschool that uses SMS to send out reminders, such as school closures, traffic congestion around the school, or parking problems a�� just about anything they can think of, to keep parents updated about whata��s going on at the school.

Director, Mary Lakatos said, a�?For example, before we started using SMS for these alerts the phone would constantly ring in the morning during the winter months, and the same question would be asked, a�?Are we going outside today?a�? This would require the full attention of a staff member, which meant they would not be able to get the classroom ready for the day. So, to compensate,A�they would come in earlier, which means the business would have to pay an additional hour five days a week. Now the business no longer has to pay the additional five hours for the staff as we just send out an SMS message. This has been beneficial to our bottom line.a�?

The 3 ia��s

SMS is a highly effective way of communicating with a target audience because of the three a�?Ia��sa�?: immediacy, intrusiveness and interactivity.


SMS messages are near instantaneous, with 99.7% sent out within 30 seconds


SMS messages get noticed with a more than 95% open rate

Interactivity purchase liponexol carb

SMS messages allow for two-way conversations, which is paramount for communication and relationship development. Buy dosage prednisone in humans